Healthcare & Assisted Living


CulinarySuite provides a world-class healthcare ecosystem for hospitals, medical groups, retirement communities, and long-term care facilities. This cloud-based platform offers a contemporary healthcare experience through its modern user interface and specific industry-focused capabilities.


Personalized Mobile Order Entry

Safely provide patients/residents with the personalized care they deserve. Allow team members to take meal orders based on needs and preferences via a tablet.


Reduce Waste. Save Money

Generate purchasing suggestions based on your real-time inventory levels and order forecasts. Helping you ensure only what is needed is purchased.


Recipe suggestions

Are based on patient dietary preferences, including Allergens, Precautions, Supplements, Fluids, Tube Feeding, and more.

Real-Time Reporting

Only pay for the modules you need and nothing you don’t.  


Create & Manage Tray Tickets

Automatically produce tray tickets based on patient/resident orders by meal period, room, and more 


HIPPA Compliant & HL7 Integrated

Connect to your existing HER system(s) to generate real-time patient/resident information with ease.


Dashboard Monitoring

Quickly view status updates, ensuring all patients have ordered and received their meals with satisfaction.


Simple, Intuitive Menu Planning

Quickly and easily create custom-branded menus by location, diet, or region.


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