Ideal for government entities and municipalities Culinary Suite is a state-of-the-art software solution capable of managing not only your foodservice needs but your budgetary and compliance requirements as well.

With seamless mobile integration, this all-in-one software solution enhances your foodservice experience at correctional facilities, detention centers, ghost kitchens, and dining halls.

Administrators can customize the customer’s vital information, keep track of real-time inventory, and suggest purchases based on inventory and demand. Employees can order meals based on specific diets and allergies, print menus in multiple languages, and get real-time recipe suggestions. 

Our software consolidates all your culinary business processes into a centralized platform and provides:

Streamlined and automated menu and recipe creation


Intuitive recipe suggestions based on dietary preferences



State of the art reporting, budgetary, and meal serve data analytics


Multi-lingual menu printouts



Automated vendor rating and feedback



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