Colleges & Universities


The college and university experience is ever-changing, now more than ever. That is why we designed CulinarySuite to bring your entire foodservice department into one centralized enterprise-cloud-based platform. With intuitive and easy menu management, food production/procurement, and cost analysis, you can equip your food management operations to run more efficiently with reduced waste and enhanced automation.


Real Cost. Real Nutrition

Customize recipes directly from your menu based on what you have in stock. Food cost, menu price, nutrition, ingredient, and allergen information automatically update as you go while giving you the whole picture. How much are you spending per meal?


Real Data

Stateoftheart reporting, budgetary, and meal serve data analytics 


Reduce Waste. Save Money

Generate purchasing suggestions based on your realtime inventory levels and order forecasts. Helping you ensure only what is needed is purchased.


Plug & Play software

Only pay for the modules you need and nothing you don’t.  


Simple, Intuitive Menu Planning

Quickly and easily create custombranded menus by station and location.



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